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Schwalbe Marathon Plus 35-559 (wired)

  • Schwalbe Marathon Plus 35-559 (wired)
35-559 wired tyre with SmartGuard puncture protection

We've been asked about tyres with better puncture protection, so here they are!

The Marathon Plus has a layer of special, flexible rubber which the manufacturer claims resists those nasty shards of glass and bits of flint which try to spoil your ride, without increasing rolling resistance.

Manufacturer's quoted weight of 480g. Recommended pressure 55-95 PSI/4-6.5Bar

Postage costs - £5.50 for up to 4 tyres Rob's review Marathon Plus is not light but it is a wonderfully robust tyre. It is ideally suited to winter use when its robust nature provides maximum protection from road debris at a time of year when fixing a flat by the side of the road can be a cold and depressing experience. This winter I've ridden several roads with tractors flailing the hedges and throwing debris onto the road and not had a problem. The tread is hard. This is good in that it means the tyre should be good and long lasting. I've been running a set of Marathon Plus this winter (349mm front/406mm rear) and been pleased with them on all but the steep climbs where the hard rubber can be a limitation - on climbs of maybe 20%/1-in-5 or more and when the road is wet, greasy or icy I've found the hardness can cause wheel spin. For that reason I've swapped back to a grippier Marathon Supreme to see if that fixes the issue.


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Schwalbe Marathon Plus 559


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