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Continental Contact Urban 406

  • Continental Contact Urban 406
32-406/42-406 Continental Contact Urban tyre.
With PureGrip compound for speed and SafetyPro textile puncture protection layer for safety, this tyre gives you the best of both worlds.

E-bike compatible, but by no means just for E-bikes.

Level 6 in the Continental safety grading system.

Weight, 300g ( 32-406)/360g (42-406), max recommended pressure 102(32-406)/87psi.(42-406)

Rob's comments :- "Test ride with a pair of Continental Contact Urban 42-406 on the rear of the QuattroVelo. The tyres seem to dampen the feel of the ride a little compared to the Scorcher120s that they replaced. On the fast sections (flat/smooth road) of my test ride this felt like I was maybe 3% slower. This was with the Urbans at about their recommended 60psi pressure. The more interesting part of the ride was when I got onto rougher, less well maintained, and shake-and-bake surfaced roads, that same feeling of damping the ride was still there, but oddly felt to be letting me put more power into those sections of the ride. With the Scorchers those sections can get a bit bumpy and I hold back a little. With the Urbans the damping seems to cope with those bumps much better and it feels like there is more road contact. I don’t think I lift the wheels ever, just the bounce normally feels like I need to back off. I felt better able to power through those rough sections. I expected these ‘puncture resistant’ tyres to cost in terms of performance. Overall I don’t think they cost me anything - the overall ride average speed was slightly on the faster side of normal and I hit 25 achievements on Strava. And the 42mm size seems completely happy in the back of the QuattroVelo."

Postage, £5.50 for up to 4 tyres.






Continental Contact Urban 406

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