New in the Small Tyre Shop - new stock of Marathon Winter studded tyres


We now have a Westcountry Recumbents page on Facebook

Most updates will probably be posted there first as it’s easier to access.

The Anura Has Landed!

The nice man from DHL brought our demo Anura this morning and Rob is putting the finishing touches to the assembly even as I type!

If you’d like to take her for a spin, call us on 01332 865242 or
email us

Coming Soon!

We’ve had so many enquiries from folk who want a test ride on the new Greenspeed Anura that we’ve decided it’s definitely time to add one to the demo fleet.

The order has been placed, space has been made in the garage and the machine will hopefully be with us before very much longer.

If you want to be notified when it arrives, you can
email us, call us on 01332 865242 or simply comment below with an email address or phone number we can contact you at.

349 Wired Kojaks

The shipment I assumed was the 406 wired Kojaks I’d ordered, has turned out to be actually 349 wired Kojaks, which I was under the impression didn’t exist...

I’ll be ordering the 406 ones tomorrow, but in the meantime, the 349s are available, and I am confused Happy